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i water ®
Tri-temp Water Dispenser
TINY 900
(w/ built-in Ice Maker)


Counter Top Water Dispenser

Hot Water, Cold Water, Ambient Water & Ice


Tiny 900


 Model  B532
 Dimension 290(W) x 497(D) x 474(H)mm
 Net Weight  22.6 kg(49.8 lbs)
 Rated Voltage  220V, 50Hz


 Hot Water: 1500W

 Cold Water: 103W

 Ice Making(Heater): 103W(400W)

 Storage Tank

 Hot Water: 0.57 L(0.15 Gal)

 Cold Water: 1.4 L(0.36 Gal)

 Ambient Water: 2.4 L(0.63 Gal)

 Ice: 0.5 kg(1.1 lbs)

 Daily ice making capability

 5kg / day at 20oC(68oF)

(depending on surrounding temp.)

 Safety Functions

 Fuse socket,

 Water level sensor,

 Leakage stop valve,

 Overheating prevention

 Power cord  1.6 M(63")

     Built-in Filtration and UV system

 Pre-carbon filter  Eliminates dissolved chlorine, trihalomethanes (THMs),  and organic chemical contaminants.
 Membrane filter (0.0001 micron)  Filters out heavy metals (including lead), bacteria and organic chemical contaminants.
 Post-carbon filter  Removes dissolved gases and odors to improve water taste.
 UV sterilizer  Kill bacteria and viruses.


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