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i water ®
Tri-temp Water System
FT-505-RO Series
(w/ built-in Ice Maker)


Floor Stand Water System

Hot Water, Cold Water, Ambient Water & Ice


Model: FT-505R-RO (Wine Red) / FT-505B-RO (Mystic Black)

FT-505R-RO /



 Casing Color  Wine Red / Mystic Black
 Dimension  360(W) x 455(D) x 1424 (H) mm
 Net Weight  52 kg
 Rated Voltage  220V, 50Hz



 1000 W

 Storage Tank

 Hot Water: 2.7 L

 Cold Water: 2.2 L

 Ambient Water: 7 L

 Ice: 2 kg (4.4 lbs)



 Ambient Water:  room temperature

 Hot Water:  keep warm at 92oC

 Cold Water:  4oC

 Daily Water


 189 L (50 gallons)

 Daily Ice



 13 kg (28 lbs) / day at 20oC (68oF)

 10 kg (22 lbs) / day at 30oC (86oF)

 (depending on surrounding temp.)

 Ice Making

 Required Time

 12 mins. / sequence at 20oC (68oF)

 14 mins./ sequence at 30oC (86oF)






 85 g

* Built-in filtration system is able to remove Heavy metal (including lead).

   Hot, Cold, Ambient Water & Ice:  4  Functions In One Unit
   Natural Water Circulation System Ensures Fresh & Pure Water 
   Ice Making Function
   Freezing Point Ice Production: Only Purest Water Freezes at 0oC (32oF)
   Automatic Temperature Control Via Sensor & Micom
   Touch Screen
   Infrared Water Level Detection Sensor
   Hot Water Safety Function


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