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i water ®
4 Stage Filtration Magnetized Alkaline Filtration System

i-water pH plus Magnetized Alkaline Filtration System

 Model: 2000pH+


282(W) x 180(D) x 298(H) mm 

 Net Weight 4 kg
 Flow Rate 0.3 ~ 0.5 gpm
 Working Pressure 30~60 psi (2.1 ~4.2 kg)

 Input Water


 4oC ~ 38oC (33oF ~ 100oF)


Filter Cartridges

Model: S2000

 Sediment Filter (5 microns)

For sediment removal including rust, dirt and any particles down to 5 microns in size.




Model: UF2000


 UF Membrane Filter ( 0.1 microns)

For Sediment and antibacterial protection. Removes particulate, bacteria, virus(crystallized acids), fungus, mold and spores. This filter has a micron size of 0.1 which will not allow bacteria or pathogens to pass through.


Model: PC2000

 PI Ceramic Filter

For antioxidant creation, restructuring and hydroxyl ion (electron) creation. Proprietary formulation of ceramic coated minerals generate antioxidants and free hydroxyl ions in the water, also increase pH. 


Model: PA2000 

 Post Activated Carbon Filter

Coconut source carbon removes organic compounds including chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, bad taste and odors.





 Magnetic Filter

Water passes through an energy vortex that both improves the vibrational quality of the water and the water’s ability to absorb into cell walls.



Installation Accessories

Counter Top

Diverter Valve DVC-16



Water Faucet WDF106L

Water Faucet WDF106 

Water Faucet WDF102C 


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