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IQAir Accessories

IQAir offers different parts and accessories to ensure the highest flexibility installation methods to fit unique individual needs. A wide range of special accessories allows IQAir systems to be wall-mounted, to create pressure differentials between rooms, and to capture pollutants right at their source.


Vertical Mount Source Capture Kit

The VM FlexVac captures viruses, bacteria, fumes, dust, vapours at the source. It converts any IQAir filtration device into a wall-mounted, self-contained extraction-at-source system.


VM InFlow

Wall Mount Fixture with air duct adaptor is used for wall-mounting the IQAir filtration device to create positive pressure environments.


Vertical Mount Fixture Kit

The VMF kit allows you to mount an IQAir filtration device on virtually any structurally sound vertical surface. The VMF kit is compatible with all IQAir models.

  Mobile Direct Source Capture Kit: FlexVac

The FlexVac kit converts any IQAir filtration unit into a mobile self-contained extraction-at-source system. The FlexVac extraction system captures viruses, bacteria, gases, fumes, vapours, odours and dust particles directly at their source.

  Inflow Wall Ducting Kit: Inflow W125

The Inflow W125 ducting kit enables any IQAir filtration units to draw outside air through a wall or window vent into an indoor environment.

Outflow Wall Ducting Kit: Outflow W125

The Outflow W125 ducting kit directs cleaned air from an IQAir filtration device through a wall or window vent. The Outflow W125 allows you to create pressure differential between indoor areas.