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IQAir HealthPro Series

The IQAir HealthPro Series offer outstanding filtration performance and high capability in removing airborne pollutants including coarse and fine dust particles, bacteria, viruses, allergens and fungal spores. Besides controlling particulate matter, 2 of the HealthPro models – HealthPro 150 & HealthPro 250 also remove a wide range of gaseous and chemical contaminants, as well as odours.

HealthPro 100 (New Edition)

HealthPro 150 (New Edition)

HealthPro 250 (New Edition)


  HEPA class H12/13 filtration
  Individually tested and certified for guaranteed filtration efficiency of > 99.97% for particles with size 
     > 0.3 micron, and supplied with a hand-signed Certificate of Performance
  Advanced controls
      4 languages selection
      6 selectable fan speeds
      Intelligent filter life monitor and filter replacement LEDs
      Advanced timer to allow programming of operating hours and weekdays
      Supplied with remote control



  Bacteria and viruses removal 
  Dust, mould spore, pollen control
  House dust mite allergen control
  Pet dander (cat, dog, etc.) control
  Tobacco smoke control 
  Odour (pets, musty, cooking, paint, etc.) control
     (for HealthPro 150 & HealthPro 250 only)
  Chemical (TVOCs, formaldehyde, etc.) control
     (for HealthPro 150 & HealthPro 250 only)

Comparison Chart


HealthPro 100 NE

HealthPro 150 NE

HealthPro 250 NE

Max. air delivery rate

470 m3/h

350 m3/h

440 m3/h

Dimensions (H x W x D)

61 x 38 x 41 cm

61 x 38 x 41 cm

71 x 38 x 41 cm

Weight incl. filter (approx.)

ca. 12 kg

ca. 13 kg

ca. 16 kg

Filtration Efficiency


Filtration of Bacteria and Viruses




Filtration of Allergens and Fine Dust




Filtration of Gas, Chemical and Odour (including TVOCs, Formaldehyde, etc.)




Elimination of Tobacco Smoke



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